Afterglow, that post orgasmic high that makes you want to reach for a cigarette – even if you are a non-smoker, as am I. We reach for the metaphorical cigarette because we feel as if we have accomplished something, reached a plateau, or simply need a rest from the workout we have just put ourselves through – not to mention our poor suffering member quickly flagging from exhaustion!

In my way of thinking, orgasm is essential to any practice of Sacred Intimacy. Whether it be an internal or external form of orgasm is immaterial to me. What is of importance is the build up and culminating release of energy along with the resulting feeling of ecstasy. This is the stuff of vitality and health. In a microcosmic way, this also embodies the cycle of creation that must exist in every particle in the universe. One entity comes in contact with another, energy connects with energy, energy excites energy, a wave builds, and the build-up continues to its culmination before receding. There you have it, life and death in an endless cycle. No wonder the phrase “little deaths” has been used to describe orgasms. No wonder, too, that those temples in India are full of figures frolicking in all kinds of sexual positions for sexual energy is the very lifeblood that flows through all things.

While there probably is no proof that orgasm enhances the health of a person, I cannot help but feel it does. In the SI work I do, the core of it, its very essence, is a cultivation of energy through touch. It is through the rhythm and flow of bodies in touch with each other that energy builds in waves, and waves that magically evolve right through orgasm and into the afterglow. Even the afterglow is charged with a heightened feeling of energy, albeit of a different nature than the kind of energy that was felt in the build-up to it. Something unique from all other experience happens in the explosion that is orgasm. For me, it is almost as if all the pores of my body have been blown open and are touching every molecule, every atom, of the universe. The state I go into is very much like that state I have experienced in Savasana at the end of a yoga workout – and, even better. As in Savasana, it is trancelike – yogis describe it as a yogic sleep, or a yogic trance. In SI, I like to think of it as an orgasmic sleep, an orgasmic trance. How much more at one with the universe can a person feel? How much more sacred can one feel? To be one with the universe and to have no negative feelings but only those of love and connectedness are, for me, the closest to a spiritual space that one can possibly be in.