To Squirt Is Human

How well we guys know the sheer pleasure of a good squirt, some would even say that to wank is divine – sure, why not? I’m not challenging a good wank; nor an awesome one; nor even an encounter with a godlike creature in the bushy bits of Central Park, Clapham Common, the Tiergarten, or wherever. What inspires me to put pen to paper now, no need to point out the obvious irony in that one, are some thoughts that have popped up in my musings about eros and the role it plays in our sexual lives.

The squirt, how it dominates a guy’s thinking, and so it should. Perhaps the most genuinely human moments we have are those in which we share orgasm with another – or even with more than one at the same time. Yet, it is not just the act of orgasm that is my focus but the consciousness it takes to reach the depth and quality of connectedness both, or all, parties have for each other in these OMG moments. If the mood fits, sometimes the OMG moments are followed by LOL! Anyway, what I am getting at is our ability to enter into intensely interpersonal space with another person – which I put in the context of Sacred Intimacy (SI).

As I have said elsewhere in these postings, I find it about as easy to describe SI as I do music, art, love, etc. Nevertheless, it is a useful idea and one that I can feel when it is there – as well as its absence when it is not. When I think about sexual space that is sacred and intimate, I am reminded of those moments when both my SI partner and I have been most open and connected with each other. Always, the results have been expressed in the most powerful of orgasms and post orgasmic euphoria. I find it a bit ironic that such powerful and positive sensations are subject to so many cultural taboos. Though, I must admit to seeing why societies have sought ways to regulate such things. Regardless, the end result is that we need to recognize the blockages and work a little harder at allowing ourselves the openness for deeper erotic journeys. The physical part of the equation, while crucial, is really only part of the work. Sure, we are bare assed on the table, floor, bed, or wherever we conduct our practices, but it’s in overcoming the emotional and cultural blocks where the real struggle comes in.

As sensate beings, touch, taste, feel, smell, and sight make possible the depth of connection and the power that is released when bodies come together – all puns intended. Think of the vibrations among the atoms holding together our physical selves and how they grow in power as they ripple outward and connect with another person. I have no idea if this thing we call eros is in the energy fields around the atoms and energy fields that comprise us, but it does seem to be tangible and subject to blockages. For me, it is enough to know that I feel this thing called erotic energy, feel when it is blocked, and love when I succeed at the challenge of finding ways to make it flow again. Here’s to finding ways for us as human beings to use all our creativity and resources to share with our sacred intimates in this most human, and divine, of experiences – a mind altering squirt!