Rituals of Eros

How do we create sacred intimacy in our lives? Ritual. Think about romance, it is imbued with rituals for entering intimate space – we know what the drills are. So why not for sacred intimacy?

Strange isn’t it that we make space for teen-age boys to experiment at having a wank together, but not for more mature relationships that are not romantic yet have deep erotic connections. Why is this? If you ask me, I think this is where many of the world’s problems with aggression stem from. OK, so you didn’t ask, and I need to get back on track with this idea of ritual and sacred intimacy.

For something as powerful as sacred intimacy, we need a way to delineate where it exists and when we enter into it. Cathedrals played a similar function in western life for centuries. During the gothic period, the soaring vaulted spaces closed in by stained glass windows clearly sent a message that all who entered were now in the presence of the divine. In such spaces, people changed because they experienced a different intentionality – they were in the presence of something other. The use of Latin, chanting, and incense further enhanced and reinforced this sense of otherworldliness. Sure, these things were of our own creation, but they worked.

We have power to create space for sacred intimacy. I can do without the vaulted ceilings and Latin, but incense, candles, and music are the kinds of little gestures that give me the sense of entering into a special place for they are reminders of intentionality and the journey I am about to undertake. Because our bodies are the vessels through which we enter sacred intimacy, a good way to begin is with stripping each other. A jump into the shower with your partner to wash away the world is like a baptism – plus, it’ll make you smell good for the intimate  exchange that is to follow. As you get into this space, breathe together to sync the flow of erotic energy through your body and with your partner. Massaging each other is a healing experience, a laying on of hands that are full of love and good intentions. And yes, if your journey takes you there you are free to caress the most intimate parts and have a good squirt if that is where the dance takes you. After all, these bits are the fountain head of our erotic energy and need as much caressing as any other part of our bodies. It’s troubling to me that society has deemed them to be the naughty bits. Though, somehow society has found a way to redeem them through marriage – a transformation story that I have never understood! For me, they are the holy bits precisely because they have the most direct and strongest connection with eros. Afterwards, as you reawaken to the world, take your partner into the shower again to bring the journey full circle. Or, simply lie together as your senses make the transition.

The beauty of sacred intimacy is that it is a personal journey in which we are free to define our own rituals that connect us with the dance of eros. The important thing is to discover whatever gestures connect you with this magic life force. As you and your partner get into the dance, you will find your way. Enjoy the journey.

Dance of Eros

At oneness. Touch. Healing. Orgasm. Vibrations. Cock stimulation. They all work together in some wonderfully magical kind of way.

Heathen that I am , I have been of the opinion that the biblical notion of the word made flesh, in the beginning and all that, was bollocks. However, as I think about vibrations, sacred intimacy, and healing, it is the very thought of word made flesh that come to mind. Am I about to be knocked on my ass, or was it off, and become a Bible thumper? Not a chance, but I am beginning to think that in a metaphorical kind of way there is something there – something akin to the way the universe makes sense to me. After all, what is a word if not vibration? Whether or not vibrations emanate out from some divine being or an electromagnetic mass is immaterial to me. What interests me is that there are vibrations pulsing throughout the cosmos and through every atom in our bodies. That’s something I can grab onto – OK, maybe I should have said yet another thing I can grab onto!

A physicist I am not, but if I get this right at the very core of each and every one of us is nothingness – i.e., the spaces between the atoms. I’ll let others argue about how far to take this and whether we come from nothing. My interest is in this notion of us as pulsating creatures and how central that idea is to our physical, and hence spiritual, beings. When I think of all that activity happening at the atomic level, the metaphor of word made flesh begins to resonate with me – we are vibrations made flesh. Furthermore, as with musical instruments it seems to me that there are sympathetic vibrations we can feel with another person. We all have had experiences of this sort of thing and the rich harmony that comes into play when we encounter such an experience – magic happens and music pours out.

Sacred and intimate. Openness and connectedness. Touch. Sympathetic vibrations. We come together spiritually and physically. We vibrate in union. Our vibrations build and pleasure ripples throughout our bodies culminating in orgasm and healing. Yes, orgasm heals. It literally gets our juices flowing, squirting us with sacred liquid to bathe in, taste, and take into ourselves. It is nothing short of divine nourishment.

In one of the opening scenes from Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey, there is a space station rotating in time to a Strauss waltz. He was hardly the first person to liken motion among bodies in space to dance. In ancient Greece, there was a belief in a harmony of the spheres and a connection with music. I would not be surprised to learn that similar thoughts can be found in all cultures.  For my way of thinking, the cosmos is a living entity, and I’ll bet that there are times when all of us have sensed this to be true. I would say that these are the moments in which we feel the most connected. I’d like to think that the most powerful energy rippling through it all is eros. This is where sacred intimacy comes in for me because it has to do with the power of touch and interaction with another person. Through this ritual, we are brought back to a primal state of oneness with the cosmos – into a primal state of harmony and connectedness. This is eros doing its magic, when we connect with another we begin the dance of coming into sync with the universe.  This is where healing begins for healing is oneness.