Full Body on Body Massage

By full body on body massage, I mean using every inch of our bodies – foreskin included! Why else would we be cloaked in such a wonderfully sensual organ as the skin if not for using it to its fullest potential? It is sad to note that the tinge of shame is often associated with the idea of massage. Just think of how many times you have heard someone justify getting one by adding the qualifier “legitimate”, with the obvious implication of it not being one with a happy ending. For those who want to live in that kind of world, let them. For the rest of us, my question is why is it that only the ending should be happy? Why not the entire experience – and happy for the massage giver as well?

It is a sad state of affairs that in spite of our wonderful and erotically charged bodies almost all of us have to deal with societies and religions that do everything in their powers to frustrate our expressing our sensuality. Religion has done a particularly good job of wrapping these desires in a blanket of shame. It is brainwashing that has been very effective. The best antidote to this societal and religious control, I think, is to celebrate our bodies by opening them together with our hearts and minds to new realms of sensual experience. Toss off the cloak of shame and journey into the erotic.

From my own massage practice, I have gained great pleasure in both roles as giver and receiver. One of the greatest learning experiences has been discovering how to use my entire body. How profound and beautiful are the moments we experience when becoming one with another person. No, it’s not forever, nothing is. But for the short time we are thus engaged, we get to luxuriate in the sheer power and beauty of the other person. Every part of our anatomy plays its part and has a different energy that works together to build towards a more complete experience of the other person – and thus of ourselves too. To identify but a couple, there is nothing quite as invigorating as feeling the power of another guy’s erect cock massaging your groin, inner thighs, anus, and scrotum. Nor is there anything as tender as having someone gently massaging your eyelids and lips with his softly hanging scrotum. The possibilities for ecstatic erotic sensuality are endless, so why not set about exploring as many as you have the stamina for!

The standard massage model of one person being passive while the other actively kneads and rubs you with his hands, forearms, and elbows pales in comparison with the power of two people fully entwined and engaged in a fluctuating rhythm of active and passive roles. Eros is as much about bringing people together as it is about exciting our sensual energy, and this is as integral to the giver as well as to the receiver. Is it lovemaking? Absolutely. Is it sex? Yes to that too. For these reasons, we should celebrate ourselves and the people who journey with us into these most personal, sacred, and wondrous realms of experience.