Music and Touch

If I am in any way synaesthetic, then it is through the mixing of sensations emanating from musical tones and touch. The other evening, I was at a concert in Dresden that was of music I am not normally drawn to, a capella choral music from Byzantine Orthodox rites. To my pleasant surprise, the music had a purity and power that reverberated throughout my entire body. From the beginning, I could feel an erotic charge coursing through me. Deepening the experience was the space in which the concert took place, the dimly lit and stark Schlosskapelle. I am sure I would not have had the same reaction if I had been sitting in a concert hall.

When I was younger, I had a fascination with monasteries and the men who inhabited them, and visited several in my wanderings around Europe and America. I was fortunate to have had some very sensual experiences with monks who understood that touch was an honorable and uplifting form of healing through the power of physically connecting with another human being. Feeling the vibrations emanating from the Byzantine chant the other evening, my body remembered in a deeply visceral way my past experiences with sacred men, their music, and touch.

In the practice of Sacred Intimacy, we strive for the healing power that happens through the simple act of intimate touch. Intimate touch is about allowing the loving power of eros to flow through our bodies. It is about accepting ourselves and our partners just as we are. It is about nurturing the flow of sexual energy through our bodies. This is the stuff of creation, of eros, and of healing. It has often been said that there are no accidents in life, and perhaps it was not a matter of chance that I felt such erotic energy at a concert of sacred music in this particular city. Dresden has long been a city of art, and of creation. Amid the brutal scars from its near total destruction, there has been a powerful creative force at work as it mends its deeply fractured body. I’d like to believe that if we can but open ourselves to its creative energy, and to do this regardless of all the imperfections our bodies bear, that eros will work its healing magic.