Sex Makes You Beautiful

As many years as Berlin has been a part of my life, I continue to be amused with the little quirks that are the fabric of this city. Just the other day as I was walking around my neighborhood, I had to chuckle at a parked car that had the logo for Dildo King written all over it – do they deliver?? It’s too small to read, but the rear side of the car carries the company’s tagline, Sex macht schön, sex makes you beautiful. That got me thinking…

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A lot of things make us beautiful, helping others for example, being kind to ourselves, being generous, and so on. But how often have we put sex on the same level? And why haven’t we? I’m now thinking it’s sad that there are no saints canonized by the church for their gifts of bringing sexual healing into the world. Think of the cool stained glass windows giving them praise – all snarky comments about what kinds of stains would be found on the windows aside, they alone would probably boost membership!

Sex makes you beautiful, sex macht schön. It’s so bloody obvious that I’m a little bummed at not having coined the term myself. In many of these posts, I have talked about the feelings of peace and goodness that flow through our bodies from touch and orgasm, and their place in the idea of Sacred Intimacy. This is indeed a beautiful state, and one made possible because we are sexual creatures. Why is that?

When we get into touch space with another person, we step outside of our thinking selves and put our egos off to the side as we connect with another human being in the simplest and most honest way possible, through our naked and vulnerable bodies. In the touch journey, we innately forgive each other and also become blind to our own shortcomings. As we build each other’s erotic energy, we are brought closer together, the space between us drops away, and true togetherness is possible. With orgasm we erupt into one of the greatest joys possible, we experience the profundity of being a fully alive human being intimately connected with another.

Sex makes us all beautiful if it is mutually and lovingly entered into. So why demean it, or even worse criminalize it? I love that this is a city in which it is not at all unusual to see ads for Dildo King in all kinds of neighborhoods, and I love that there is a car bearing its logo. I hope it is a delivery vehicle for those who either cannot go to a shop under their own steam or who need product ASAP! Every loving sexual act we engage in pushes back the negative messages of shame and condemnation that daily assault us. Sex has the power to bring healing into our lives, and thus into the world. Given the stresses of life, we need all the healing we can get. And no, I am not a paid employee of Dildo King, though it would be an interesting job to have – maybe it’s time to polish up the resume!!