Sex and Fabric

An exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts examines clothing and new materials that interact and respond to the environment. As I was wandering through #Techstyle earlier today, I was reminded of just how potent an element of eroticism fabric can be. And, it is something that I have not written about before. A lot of my focus in these posts has been on the beauty of nudity, and of skin to skin contact. All of which is good, but the exhibit made me think about the incredibly erotic effects that other textures have on our bodies.

I like to think of connecting erotically with other men as journeys we take together. Each time, the journey is unique, even for guys with whom I have had many such travels. Usually our journeys begin being clothed, and as we move into touch space our bodies initially connect through the clothing. The more we intertwine, hands roam around backs, chests, thighs, and butts building erotic energy. We often nibble at nipples through shirts or caress growing erections through pants before stripping each other so that we can complete the journey naked.

But what if nudity is not the end of this story? There are times when bringing different fabrics and textures into play enhances erotic possibilities. For the kinds of stimulation that a light feathery touch brings, it’s hard to beat slowly running a feather over a body – multiply the effect a hundredfold with a boa! As much as I love the touch of another man’s hand on my cock, put some silk in between and I’m in heaven. Though, it doesn’t work so well with a mouth where the dewey sensuousness of lips have enough glide power all on their own.

We tend to forget that skin is a fabric too, and the most sensitive and interesting one there is. It’s supercharged with life in ways that artificial fabrics are not. Yet, there are qualities in these other fabrics that can so erotically stimulate our skin as to bring us to heights of orgasmic wonder. Just as each of us reacts differently to various kinds of skin textures, so too do different fabrics have various erotic effects on us. One man’s feather may be another’s leather chaps.

It’s funny how erotic play with fabric is one of those areas that has something like a taboo around it. We tend to associate cloth as a way to hide our bodies, hide our shame in the words of some. Think about those times and societies when a sheet with a strategically placed hole in it was expected to be a barrier between husband and wife. Wow!! What a waste of perfectly good material and the fun times that could have been had playing with it.

Even after an orgasm, cloth can be useful for more than a quick mop up!! Have a nicely warmed full-length towel on hand. After you and your partner begin to emerge from the post orgasmic glow, one of you will have to make the ultimate sacrifice of being the active one. Have your partner lie flat on his back, place the snuggly warm towel over him and ever so slowly and lightly pull it down his body until the last bit of towel flows over his toes. When I am the passive partner, this is one of the most exquisitely sensual experiences I can possibly have. Trust me, you will never look at a towel the same way again!!

2 thoughts on “Sex and Fabric

  1. Fabric holds scent, some types more than others, and there’s nothing that turns me on more is the scent a man leaves behind on his underwear and t-shirt. Fabric also traps scent, so for me great sex or love making has to start with clothes on and a slow removal right down to the undies and the release of all those sweet man scents along the way.

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    • Great observation. Scent is a totally hot and crucial part of erotic connection. Thanks for linking this with fabric and how it can enhance erotic pleasure!!


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