Happy Endings

The notion of a happy ending has always seemed silly to me. It has regularly come up as a question from someone new I was to trade massage with. Fair enough, good to know where the limits are. For me, however, orgasm is simply a natural and integral part of erotic body work, a part of a larger experience. Being in touch with my body and its erotic energy has always been something I have wanted to explore with other men. Taking the time to linger in erotic touch space opens doors for discovering a rich variety of sensations waiting to be unlocked. If you think about it, we spend far less time in touch space than in any other dimension of life. So why not savour the lush goodies of the entire experience?

We are a funny species, one that is capable of inflicting incredibly stupid things on ourselves. For example, robbing ourselves of one of the most profound and joyful experiences that is literally at our fingertips, orgasm. Nature knows what it likes, and maybe that is why erotic pleasure survived the vicissitudes of evolution. Yet, we humans have managed to erect fences around this life affirming force. Just as the flow of a river cannot be completely thwarted by a dam, so too does erotic energy find its way through all the taboos to eventually explode forth from our loins. Still, the suffering so many endure in the process is beyond unnecessary.

It would be nice to think that humankind is coming to its senses and is on the verge of a new ethos. With a planet lumbering under the weight of massive over population, it would be a good idea to reward activities that spread love but do not produce children. To my way of thinking, this has Eros written all over it. Eros is about love, we are programmed for it, and erotic love is much more than romance, marriage, and children. It is about sharing ourselves with others, and sharing ourselves through the most sexual of ways.

Embracing Eros means we have to confront the mongers of shame, cast them off, and open ourselves to the serendipitous experiences that happen when we enter touch space. And why not? As sexual creatures, we deserve much more than the endings to be happy. Opening ourselves to our touch bodies is good for our physical and spiritual health. Erotic journeys take us beyond words and into the most elemental areas of life. As we travel beyond the limitations of our bodies, we connect not only with someone else but with a vital energy that is the rhythm of life itself. This is what nature made us for. Why else would we feel such ecstasy, such bliss? The experience is of a happy everything, and this keeps nurturing us well past the ending.