Blow Job

One of the myths I’ve lived by is that evolution produced us gay men to rescue the blow job from mediocrity and to raise it to the pantheon of mind numbing erotic experiences. In my teen-age years, I was filled with wonder at my new found pleasures in them. I am reminded of a joke popular among us lads at the time that had something to do with a chamber maid overhearing newlyweds in the bridal suite and the man crying out, suck Susie suck, blow is just a figure of speech. Humor does bring out some aspects of reality that we are hesitant to speak more directly about, and Susie’s naiveté perhaps was fairly prevalent at the time, maybe still is though I hope not.

For my money, fellatio is one of the most sublime experiences a guy can have whether it be as an active or passive partner, both of which I find equally satisfying. Even though I have interacted with guys who are hesitant to take on the active role, one-sided exchanges have not lessened these experiences at all. This is one erotic activity that I do not mind in the least having no reciprocation. To my way of thinking, fellatio is one of the greatest gifts we can give our buddies, and while a 69 is an absolutely fantastic way to share pleasure I have not found reciprocation to be absolutely necessary for a rewarding erotic journey.

If you are the active sort, take your time, go slowly. While you are pleasuring your buddy’s cock with your mouth, add a little titillation by gently stroking and caressing his sack with your fingers, especially the back part where it connects to the perineum – lightly scratching this area with your fingernails can send sensations of pleasure through him. Take your time to let your tongue explore his sack, and to tickle his groin where thighs and pelvis meet. There is no hurry, enjoy his reactions, listen to his sighs and groans as you send ripples of ecstasy through him.

One of the benefits of receiving a blow job is that it gives a guy the opportunity to be passive so that he can explore his feminine side, which we usually associate with being penetrated. But if passive anal sex is not your thing, here is yet another way. Lie back, let your buddy suck, blow, and lick away at the family jewels. Let him do the driving while you enjoy the sights. Obviously, if you like taking an active role as well, I am sure a 69 is always welcomed. As you delve into the wonderland that is fellatio, think of what poor Susie lost out on by puffing away at it as if it were a candle on a birthday cake!