Body Fur

It’s not by accident that body fur has survived the relentless hand of evolution. It’s sexy to look look at and fun to play with, whether it be yours or your parter’s. One of the most sensual things about body fur are all those millions of little pleasure projectiles bursting up from the skin all over the body. This has to be nature’s way of extending to the max the number of body surfaces that can conduct pleasure signals to the brain.

Nature loves pleasure and evolved us, I am sure, to be pleasure creatures. Think of body fur as a natural super conductor for pleasure. As you mull this over, consider how your hairs stand on end in reaction to various stimuli, especially those first moments of touching someone who turns you on, even if in that moment you are only just barely grazing against him.

For me, there is nothing more sensual than giving and receiving feather light touch. In the furry areas, the pleasure gets even better as you and your partner gently glide over each other. Let your lips, hands, and body softly move over him. As you caress his pubes, chest, arm pits, or wherever, feel your reactions as the pleasure of it all ripples through both of your bodies. Then, revel in the delight of his fur softly stimulating your body as he reciprocates. All those millions of edges that fur gives us are like tiny fingers being activated by gentle stroking motions. It’s the same as being touched by millions of little hands.

Fur also works like a sensual lubricant lending a nice soft layer as two bodies rub against and over each other. Too much grooming, however, can turn your luscious silken fur into a kind of velcro surface. Stubble certainly does not lend itself to glide, and it can really tear your lips apart – not in a good way either.

Personally, I love a guy whose natural sweater covers his back as well, no matter where you grab him, or which way you flip, there is always pleasure at hand! If there is a moral to this story, it has to be don’t screw up the good things that nature has given us with too much shaving. Trimming things up a bit can be a sexy way to groom your body, but don’t go bonkers. Fur is fun, and we should enjoy playing with it as much as possible.