Wet Dream – For Two

What a great gift nature bestows on men, wild erotic dreams culminating in an eruption of man milk covering you and your sheets in a gooey glow. Life is good! I was thinking about how much like a dream state, and a wet one at that, the erotic journeys I write about in these posts are.

My journeys begin with my fellow explorer and me stripping each other as we move into touch space. Just recently, I was thinking about this transition and how similar it is to sleep and the ways in which our bodies descend through various stages into the magic of a dream world. In the world of touch space, we also enter into a kind of magical dreamlike world, one that takes us beyond the limitations of clothing and the judgmental eye – beyond the world of taboos to a space where we can revel in the joys of eros.

In erotic touch space, we discover worlds that seem to lie dormant in our psyches waiting for us to enter. At the right moment, somehow we know where to go and how to get there. Another type of dream space comes to mind, the kind brought to life through the song lines of the aboriginal peoples of Australia. As they wander the outback, they hardly have need for maps as we think of them. As they sing a certain sequence of songs, their geography unfolds before them. Their maps tell stories, and through them they relive the truths of their existence.

Journeying in the touch world is not all that different. In touch space, we enter a world that has its own geography, to which we each have a map and our own unique stories. All are outside the  rational guideposts and boundaries of our conscious world.

In my experience with various co-journeyers, our explorations unfold mutually with little to no verbal communication. Every journey is unique regardless of the number of times I have travelled with a particular partner. Just as no two dreams are the same, so too with erotic journeys. In our co-venture through the geography of eros, our fantasies are different but we share touch at the deepest levels. Our wet dream world is a space where we intimately connect with someone, share a deeply erotic experience, and give each other the gift of wetness. When I am basking in the afterglow of orgasm with a co-journeyer, the feeling I have is of the deepest connection with this person and of a profound gratefulness for having shared a journey that not only brought us together but of doing so in a way that sets us free.