Penis Power

Outside of a few warm and sunny days, spring this year in Berlin has been chilly and cloudy. On an impulse a little while ago, I got off the S-Bahn at the Botanical Garden on my way home. I’ve passed it on my bike or the train probably thousands of times and have never gone in.

In spite of the late spring, I was happy to see signs of life sprouting up here and there, and not surprisingly in the warm and sunny spots. Just looking at the flowers in the sun conjured up erotic images. Heat is energy and energy is a life source, without it we are dead. Think of how our bodies warm up when we begin touching another person. Whatever coolness we have at the start quickly gives way to a radiating warmth as our bodies come into an ever deeper and more intimate contact.

As I ponder on energy, life, and touch, an image comes to mind of DaVinci’s drawing Vitruvian Man. At the center is the penis. Lying at the center of the body, it is the axis around which everything turns. I think of times when I just sit and allow myself to feel the energy radiate from my cock up through my pelvis and out into my torso.

It only gets better when I am with another guy – together, the sensations are increased a thousand fold. The more erect our cocks get, the more heat and energy they give off, and the more we want to receive it as our bodies open themselves up. At a cellular level, we know where the life giving energy source is – we feel it in every level of our bodies. It is only natural that we turn to it the way a flower tilts towards the sunlight.

As it is with flowers, we too have an innate need to spread our seed. So why, I wonder, is there this idea of an orgasm as being a petit mort, a little death? For me, it is really a little birth – something that gives me energy. Post orgasm, I revel in the subtle radiating energy that fills us with the warmth and joy that lingers and nourishes us. It is nature’s gift, and one that fills me with a feeling of wellbeing. Lying together with a partner, letting our wetness moisten our bodies, tasting each other’s essence, going in and out of an erotic trance…ahhh, springtime.