The One-Eyed Monster

There is no question in my mind that we have a bloody cool tool between our legs, and packing much more power than you would expect from a single piston engine. When it is throbbing at full force, it could slay a dragon! So it is not surprising that our little soldiers have earned such titles as the one-eyed monster.

First, a confession, yes I have enjoyed many a good joke about the monsters lurking in our BVDs. Yet when I think about my guy, I don’t see him as a monster. Although he is a horny little bugger, I see him more in the sense of a warrior than a monster. A warrior? Sure, but one fighting the good cause of bringing sensual joy into the world, one of spreading pleasure as we spread our legs.

I would go so far as to say we have a one-eyed genius at work down there warming our loins. Instead of a battering ram laying siege to an entire city, a cock can be the source of great healing power, a kind of shamanic warrior. Like all great warriors, our guys are gentle when stroked but fierce when provoked. Fierce, that is, in being single minded in the pursuit of stimulating pleasure, of bringing a healing force into our lives, and of casting aside the hate mongers who spread wicked rumors about our cocks being the root of all shame.

It could be that from time immemorial fig leafs of shame have been tossed at our cocks, yet the energy of those little guys has continually found ways through which to let loose, express themselves, and ultimately to push back the Goliaths of shame. Not bad for a single piston engine, it shows what strength and healing power there really is lurking between our thighs. And if you doubt there is healing power in eros, just think of the warm glow that pulsates through your body after an orgasm. No pharma product can match that!

Instead of a one-eyed monster, I’d like to think of our cocks as one-eyed shamans. There is a wealth of wisdom tucked into that third eye. We can learn much from it by giving it the honor, respect, and freedom it deserves.