The Woody

There probably isn’t anything more fascinating than a stiff cock. Not everyone’s of course, there are certain people, maybe even some obnoxious world leaders, whose members flaccid or tumescent I have absolutely no desire of seeing. But generally speaking, beholding and touching a guy’s manhood in all its glory is a pretty sweet deal.

Access to a woody is not so simple, it can stir up desire and fear in equal proportions. At the center of these contradictions stands the erect cock proud of itself while smirking at our weaknesses. It is bursting with energy, wants to be petted, even beckons for attention from across a room, and longs to be touched, to connect with someone else. It is one powerful little package, and because of this cultures have built up all kinds of restrictions and punishments for those who dare to transgress. I have known straight identifying guys who have wanted to see and touch another guy’s woody. With desire as universal as this, no wonder the fear mongers have worked overtime to cast every slur in the books against our cocks, and they have done a pretty good job of enslaving a lot of people to their beliefs.

It seems a little silly to me that male nudity in paintings is often accepted, yet it is still not a common sight in other more immediate cultural mediums such as films, TV, and the stage. Even in these mediums, an erection is taboo, it seems to be the point at which art becomes porn. When you consider the amount of time that is taken up with people viewing porn on the internet, it shows just how powerful a force erotic energy is, and how weak the controls against it are.

In more ways than one, the woody is a lightening rod!! As we get closer to breaking its protective taboos, anxiety levels rise. Even in my Sacred Intimacy practice, it has not been uncommon to see this kind of anxiety play itself out as guys in a first session caution me that they might get an erection. Although such anxiety surfaces, it usually does not last long. Once we get into touch space, all such fears melt away. There is such a depth of wisdom in the simple act of touch that can do much to heal us.

I don’t know how new myths come about, but if they could be created in an instant, I would advocate for one that recognizes the connective and healing power that radiates out from cocks in full glory, and that intimate touch with them needs to be open and free of guilt regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Though I am not a utopian by nature, I like to think we are moving in this kind of direction, smashing old taboos, and erasing the guilt and pain that afflict so many people for what is a completely natural desire.

2 thoughts on “The Woody

  1. Interestingly, there is one of the performing arts that is pioneering total male nudity on stage, and it is Modern Dance. Partly it is because of the large gay representation among dancers but it is also because dance is so much about the human body; more and more choreographers are exploring the beauty and honesty of the totally naked man. It is, of course, controversial and there has been some blow back, but the trend is pushing forward and many new companies are bringing totally naked men onto the stage. (There was an article about this in the most recent issue of the Gay and Lesbian Review).

    On the personal level, I adore cock and have since I seduced my first male sex partner. Cock for me is the origin of all that is good in life (and of life itself, of course) and the bedrock of my identity as a man. Fondling, stroking, sucking, and inviting cock into my body, or slipping mine into his, are the great joys of my life, powerful means of communication, sources of renewal and strength for going out into a world that is still largely clueless as to the sacred nature of the phallus.

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