The Big O

Guys have borne the brunt of much criticism for our seemingly constant fixation on getting it off. Yes, the monster within, the Big O. We are told it occupies too big part of our lives. But wouldn’t you expect this of something so fundamentally basic to life, indeed to the universe itself? Just think about the widely accepted model of how the the universe came into existence, the Big Bang – nothing less than a bloody orgasm of cosmic proportions. Talk about one mind numbing eruption, if God, or whatever, made anything better he certainly kept if for himself. I’ll put my money on this being as good as it gets.

Why then are we so hung up and tetchy when the subject of orgasm raises its sweet little head? Is it really necessary to cloak it in shame? Only let it out for air if we intend to breed? Castigate it to some uncontrollable cravings of our nasty bits while we pretend to be above such things? I’ve never really understood this so-called split between body and soul that has been washed into our brains. There is no split, it’s all bollocks. Body and soul are one, and it is in orgasm that we experience in a microcosmic kind of way the fundamental mystery and beauty of the universe with all its creative powers.

As I see it, the universe revels in orgasms, they happen all the time and not only among seven billion people wanking away. If aliens are listening in, they must think this is one randy planet. And it’s not just humans clasping each other in spasms of ecstasy, the whole cosmos seems to be one big spastic joy body with stars exploding, Sun storms erupting, volcanos spewing forth their goodies, and who knows what is going on at the quantum level!

Having orgasms is as natural as the rhythm of life, and this is why there is nothing more healing or wonderful than having orgasmic connections with others. The state of utter peace that we share with each other in post orgasmic bliss is one of the most heightened spiritual states there is. Yes, spiritual. Spiritual because it is physical, because it is natural, because it takes us into realms of joy experienced in no other way, and because we have exploding cocks that mother universe evolved for just this purpose. To shackle our guys with shame is about as useful as denying that the Earth spins around the Sun. Or, to use a more colorful analogy, about as useful as tits on a bull.

Every time we experience the Big O whether in a self wank or clutched together with a friend, lover, or someone whose eye we just caught, we relive the fundamental phenomenon of this crazy wonderful universe that every cell in our bodies is a part of. Those who would try to deny us this are not only clueless but missing out on what it means to be fully alive.


6 thoughts on “The Big O

  1. I love your essays — they don’t come frequently and I’m always happy when they do. This one touched me especially. I’m 72 now but have all the sex drive I had in my 30s, 40s, and 50s. I am fortunate to have some great men in my life with whom I can have sex but I always want and need more. I masturbate a lot — some people think masturbating is followed by a loss of energy but it sets me up, energizes me, fills me with a feeling of well-being. I think it is a very healthy thing to do and rejected the condemnation of it in the Catholic school my parents sent me to. It’s a celebration of life.


    • Thanks so much, glad to hear you continue to enjoy my little forays. I agree with everything you say, sex is fundamental to a healthy life, and like you I too get energy from it. Choosing mother earth over mother church is always the better way to go!!! Keep celebrating your body.


  2. “The state of utter peace that we share with each other in post orgasmic bliss is one of the most heightened spiritual states there is.”

    Your posts are always rife with sentences that, in just the right words, evoke imagery that’s both very universal yet equally difficult to put into words. In other words, I should start quoting you on my Grindr profile:)

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