Normally, we do not think of the winter months as a time for regeneration. Many of my friends dread the growing darkness and cold weather, I do not. Today as we set our clocks back for the start of winter time, at least here in Europe, my thoughts are around the season we are entering where night and shadow grow longer.

Shadows are ever present, even in the height of summer darkness coexists with light, bound together in some kind of synergistic energy. In our inner lives, we have good days and bad, feel happiness as well as sadness. Sometimes I think these contrasting, even contradictory images of positive and negative forces, are most alive in me whenever I am back in Berlin and wandering the streets. It is here where this dynamic is more conscious in me than in any other place on earth.

Darkness has unfortunately been overly associated with evil. Certainly, I do not deny that evil can lurk in the shadows. All I need do is walk outside my apartment building and feel the Stolpersteine beneath my feet to remind me of an earlier time that was shrouded in an evil darkness and of the Jewish residents whose fate ended in tragedy. I take pause to think about the conflicting images of darkness, and of how brutally real they are.

For the moment, it is a different kind of darkness that I am thinking about. It is of a darkness full of creative vitality, and that comes to life through touch. In massage, everyone I know and practice with instinctively dims the lights and lights candles to create a special atmosphere within which we enter that magical space where two living bodies come together. As time travelers step through a veil into another dimension of a past history, we journeyers in touch also step through a veil, but ours is into a spatial dimension, into a place where erotic energy guides our movements. For me, there is no greater beauty or sense of life than being in a space where naked men are engaged in intimate touch voyaging through the pathways of eros.

Is it not in darkness where much of this planet’s life finds regeneration? Life does not cease with the coming of night nor during winter. No, it is transformed as it goes deep inside where an inner warmth nurtures new growth. In Sacred Intimacy, we enter a space wherein men come together, share the warmth of our bodies, and nurture the erotic seeds that give us energy and life. Entwined in each other’s orgasms intensifies our life force as we share this most fundamental of energies. To my mind, there is no deeper or more honest way to connect with another man. In these moments of mixing our energies, our spasms, and our wet essences, we give each other the gift of regeneration. In this darkness, there is always light.