Erotic Resonance

Oftentimes in a Bach keyboard piece, there is a single repeating note in the bass voice incessantly droning on, and on, and on. Only thing, though, is that it is neither droning on nor incessant. No, it is much deeper, that constantly repeating tone provides a ground from which the other voices rise up and out of it as they take flight soaring heavenward in swirling ecstatic states.

For many years, Steve has been one of the constant voices in my practice of Sacred Intimacy. He is a wanderer to places far and wide while my life is divided between Berlin and Boston, through it all we somehow have managed to maintain a practice that has been quite regular in spite of our geographic diversity.

Like the bass tone in Bach, there is both a familiarity and a resonance to our erotic journeys. As in Bach with each return to that single repeating tone, we come back to a familiar spot from which new voices take us in ever different directions as we dance to Eros inspired tunes. Contrary to what one may think about a practice rooted in  constancy, each journey is a uniquely rich and different experience.

Admittedly, there is a certain ritual like pattern, but it comes at the beginning of each journey as we transition back into touch space. Looking into each other’s eyes, we draw ourselves closer, sync our breathing, strip each other, and bring our naked bodies together. In the hinter ground, one could almost hear the recurring bass tone with its relentless, onward momentum as the magical current of eros begins to flow through us.

Paradoxically, the more the erotic energy builds the more inwardly we go, into realms that are uniquely our own. Outwardly, our bodies grow warmer, our cocks stiffen and become dewey, we touch and taste each others bodies, all are familiar gestures. Inwardly, even though we soar together it is inevitable that we are in different worlds.

Our minds are unique realms unto themselves. That we can never fully comprehend the other is part of the beauty of the journey. It is enough to feel the ever building joy of the dance of Eros in each others bodies, to experience each others spasms of ecstasy as eros bursts from our cocks and every other cell of our bodies. When the dance is complete, we sink back into the ever sounding bass voice that was there at the beginning, gave rise to the journey, and sustained us throughout.