For more than 20 years, I have been involved in bodywork in one form or another. As I have delved more deeply into massage, I came across the Body Electric School and took one of its workshops. This experience opened a whole new dimension for me – the notion of men sharing touch that was loving, erotic, and healing. It also introduced me to the idea of Sacred Intimacy. As nebulous as that term is, even contradictory, it nevertheless captures the experience. As my experiences with SI continue to grow, I have found myself wondering about it and trying to get a clearer understanding of this phenomenon and what it means to me and other men. While I speak of it from a gay perspective, I have shared SI experiences with men who identify as straight and know that they too have valued such intimate male healing contact. This blog is my attempt to develop some thinking around what has been for me a very positive addition to my life – and hopefully to yours too

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  1. This is fascinating to me. I would honestly like to learn more about this. I love massage, but spiritual connections are right up my alley. I will be reading your blog. This SI is perhaps something I need to consider.


  2. Hello GuyForSI, Thanks for the like. I enjoyed learning about your blog. I read a few posts. Your observations seem authentic and chimed with me. My bf would definitely be interested in SI. In fact I’ve just spent 10 days at Vipassana meditation so have just discovered the ever present sensations all over the body. Very intriguing experience. Keep well. Bobby 🙂


    • Thanks for your kind words and interest. These posts are a way to give voice to thoughts that arise from my own explorations in the realm of touch. I look forward to seeing more posts in your blog.


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